Speciality Trailers

Our patented expandable trailer offers up to 1,100 square feet of deployable moblie space to meet your unique business needs.

    If you can dream it, we can build it.

    For two decades customers from across every industry have turned to ITD for the development of mobile space that can be deployed to meet a variety of business needs from business continuity planning to remote skills training.

    Patented Design

    Our patented expandable trailer technology design can be customized to meet a variety of customer use-cases. Our double expandable trailer can be used to created 1100 square feet of climate controlled space, deployed in under 3 minutes.

    Ask our Customers

    Business Continuity Planning

    We've built mobile stores for customers in need of business continuity space during critical bricks and mortar renovations.

    Mobile & Remote Learning

    Our skills trades trailers have been used by customers across the globe to facilitate mobile and remote training.

    Mobile Command Centres

    Customers turn to ITD's mobile command centers to meet the remote crisis response needs.

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    Our team of professionals will help turn your unique mobile and remote space need into reality.