Versatile. Reliable. Rugged.

    Performance that Matters

    All of our container chassis offer advanced corrosion protection as a standard feature and are constructed with the highest grade materials to extend chassis ride-life. We offer multiple sizes, designs and configurations to best fit your intermodal needs, all manufactured right here in North America.

    Manufacturing Excellence

    Every ITD chassis is built in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility where our team of professionals utilize industry leading automation to prep, fabricate and assemble chassis materials at scale

    Rugged & Durable Design

    All of our chassis are hot-dip galvanized offering advanced corrosion protection, extending the usable life of your fleet assets. In addition, the interior design structure of our chassis' make them among the lightest and strongest in the industry.


    Our wide-range of chassis meet the ever-changing demands of operating an intermodal transportation fleet. From standard fixed designs to extendable designs, our range of models offer operators with the flexibility needed to succeed.

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    Our high-performance chassis are built to meet the ever-changing demands of operating a modern intermodal transportation fleet.

    Engineered for Performance

    Our industry leading mix of high-grade materials, innovative vehicle design and premium construction elevate ITD Chassis ahead of the competition.

    Premium Materials

    All of our chassis feature high-strength steel with surfaces treated for anti-corrosion and are made within our advanced manufacturing facility.

    Rugged Durability

    ITD Chassis are designed to endure the heaviest loads at some of the lightest tare weights in the industry.

    Outlast the Competition

    ITD Chassis built 20 years ago are still running the toughest transportation routes in North America, offering our customers with a lower overall cost of ownership.

    Custom Options Available

    In addition to length, all of our chassis can be customized to meet the unique needs of your fleet and your customers.

    Premium High-Strength Steel Construction

    ITD Chassis are built with high-strength alloy steel for greater strength and durability.

    Hot-Dipped Galvanized

    ITD is the only North American manufacturer to offer hot-dipped galvanizing of the complete chassis frame, including components as standard option to further protect against corrosion.

    Optimal Protection for Connections

    Our vehicles are made standard with covered openings and strategic routing to ensure that all wiring and electrical lines are flawlessly protected.

    Popular in North America

    North American fleet operators flock to our most popular models. Click on each of the following models to learn more.

    20-45 Ft Chassis

    40-53 Ft Chassis

    20-40 HD Chassis

    Additional Customizations

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    ITD's dry vans, container chassis, dollies and specialty trailers are made to fit the needs of our customers. From lift doors to air ride suspensions to scuff liners and e-tracks, we offer a wide range of customizations to suit almost any need in the transportation industry.

    ITD's long standing and diverse supply chain partners enable us to build premium trailers customers love. We are to draw up tier one parts suppliers for suspensions, structural steel, panels, flooring, valves and springs. We leverage machine automation throughout our assembly process for precision grade delivery and used highly skilled technicians for all vehicle wiring and plumming.

    Innovative design, quality manufacturing and superior material integration combine to make ITD trailers outlast and out run the competition. For example, structural framing across our vehicles is hot-dipped galvanized, extending the shelf life of our trailers far beyond the competition. Composite van wall panels are among the lightest in the industry and afford superior rigidity.

    Our vehicles are available across North America through ITD directly or through a partner organization. Contact us directly for a virtual or in-person demo of our trailers.

    ITD offers competitive pricing and reliable delivery times. For pricing information on any one of our vehicles, please contact us directly at or call us at 1-877-448-3462.

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