About Us

ITD is an industry leading commercial trailer manufacturer and technology business. Our Company's strength lies in our rich history of innovative product development, the diversity and passion of our talented team, and deep-rooted commitment to the success of our customers and the communities they serve. Our strategic investments in smart and electric trailer technology will help to power our customers shift to a cleaner more sustainable future.

    Our Core Values

    Customer Centricity

    Everyday we aim to build the best vehicles in the industry so that our customers and the fleets they operate compete and succeed.

    Excellence and Innovation

    Our team is driven to build the most innovative trailers in the world atop the most robust standards in the industry.

    Diversity & Sustainability

    Our diverse team of engineers, technicians, welders, fitters and assemblers are our strength, and we leverage this culture to propel our investments in smart and electric vehicle technologies.

    "Our success is the success of our customers. Our strength is the talent and diversity of our team." Benny Di Franco President and CEO

    Proud to Serve

    Award Winning Product Development

    Customers across North America have turned to ITD to development transportation structures that meet complex operating needs, including skilled trades training facilities for remote communities, mobile medical services and business continuity trailers, among others. If you can imagine it, we can build it.

    2 Decades of Excellence

    For over 20 years, ITD has been manufacturing trailer excellence. Out of our 200,000 square foot facility in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, we have built more than 20,000 commercials transportation vehicles.

    Accelerating the 'Clean' Transition

    Our research and development teams are integrating the cutting edge electric vehicle technology into all of our core products to help to accelerate our customers' shift to cleaner technologies.


    Contact Us

    If you have questions about our Company or our products, or if you are interested in partnering with us, please contact us.