20′/40′ Heavy Duty 12 Pin

This durable chassis fits a 40′ or 20′ container at heavy weights than the standard 20-40 ft. Chassis. Available in Tridem 72".

  • Chassis Length 31'7.5"- 40'8"
  • Chassis Width 120"
  • Chassis Height 48"
  • Capacity 84,878 lbs
  • Tare Weight 11,850 lbs

Heavy Duty

This chassis is specifically designed to provide a robust and secure connection for electrical systems, enabling efficient communication and power transfer between the truck and the trailer in heavy-duty transportation applications.

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Equipped with a reliable and versatile electrical connection system, allowing for seamless integration of various trailer components and accessories, ensuring efficient and secure operation in demanding heavy-duty applications

Product Specifications

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Chassis Length
Chassis Width
Chassis Height
84,878 lbs
Tare Weight
11,850 lbs

Body Construction

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Engineered for Performance

Our industry leading mix of high-grade materials, innovative vehicle design and premium construction elevate ITD Chassis ahead of the competition.

Premium Materials

All of our chassis feature high-strength steel with surfaces treated for anti-corrosion and are made within our advanced manufacturing facility.

Rugged Durability

ITD Chassis are designed to endure the heaviest loads at some of the lightest tare weights in the industry.

Outlast the Competition

ITD Chassis built 20 years ago are still running the toughest transportation routes in North America, offering our customers with a lower overall cost of ownership.

Custom Options Available

In addition to length, all of our chassis can be customized to meet the unique needs of your fleet and your customers.

Premium High-Strength Steel Construction

ITD Chassis are built with high-strength alloy steel for greater strength and durability.

Hot-Dipped Galvanized

ITD is the only North American manufacturer to offer hot-dipped galvanizing of the complete chassis frame, including components as standard option to further protect against corrosion.

Optimal Protection for Connections

Our vehicles are made standard with covered openings and strategic routing to ensure that all wiring and electrical lines are flawlessly protected.